What is Gran Gala?

Gran Gala is a rare blend of VSOP Italian Brandy infused with the rich and lively flavor of fresh oranges.

Where is Gran Gala produced?

Gran Gala is imported and bottled by Sazerac Company in Louisville, KY.

What proof is Gran Gala?

Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur is 80 Proof. (40% Alc./Vol.)

What kind of drinks can I make with Gran Gala?

Gran Gala can be used as a base ingredient in countless different cocktails. It can also be enjoyed on the rocks. Check out our Recipes page for a full list of our recipes!

Where can I purchase Gran Gala?

Use our Find It page to find your nearest Gran Gala retailer!

Where can I find the calorie count and nutritional information for Gran Gala?

You can find caloric and nutritional information for Gran Gala on our Nutrition page.

Is Gran Gala gluten free?

Gran Gala contains spirits is distilled from grains containing gluten, which removed some or all of the gluten. The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten. Ultimately we recommend you discuss the suitability of this product with your physician prior to consumption.

How much does Gran Gala cost?

Our 350ML bottle can be purchased for around $15, while our 750ML bottle can be found for around $25.